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Was trying to make an owl. It sorta looks like a cute monster.

Just moved in. July 2014.


An Amazon tribe has made first contact with the outside world — but may now be in grave danger

Thought there were no undiscovered tribes left? Think again: Last month, an indigenous Amazonian tribe made contact with civilization for the first time — to save itself. 

For weeks, the unidentified tribe — which was previously photographed in 2008 — has been spotted traveling on the border between Brazil and Peru. But the Brazilian government announced last week that the tribe has indeed made peaceful contact with Ashaninka Indians in Brazil’s Acre state along the Envira River in order, it appears, to escape illegal logging and drug trafficking in the area.

"Something serious must have happened," José Carlos Meirelles, who monitored the region for 20 years with the Brazilian Indian Affairs Department (FUNAI), said in a statement. "It is not normal for such a large group of uncontacted Indians to approach in this way. This is a completely new and worrying situation, and we currently do not know what has caused it."

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The less you know, the sounder you sleep.
Russian Proverb

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A person is, among all else, a material thing, easily torn and not easily mended.
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Where is this located?

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Rupert is actually Ron, I am convinced.

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Weird/Funny/Cute Pre-nup. Someone posted this link on facebook.

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